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Antenatal And Postnatal Physiotherapy

Antenatal And Postnatal Physiotherapy

“Life doesn’t with a manual it comes with a mother.” so its our duty to make sure that all the mother remains fit, healthy and confident for rest of the life”.

The mother who has just delivered a baby or who is about to deliver a baby, are the once who are short of confidence. The prime reason being transformation of their body, the body they are not used too.

There are various psychological and physical changes occurring in a female’s body during the pregnancy or after delivery, which either she is aware or unaware. In both case she needs to work on it for the betterment of her and child.

At Dr Physio Antenatal and postnatal program we make sure we help the female undergo a normal pregnancy and a faster postnatal recovery.

The Program Includes :-

Education regarding posture and back care. Education regarding possible changes during all the trimesters. Education of the pelvic floor. Education regarding possible complications during pregnancy and after delivery. Exercise to improve muscle control. Core stability Stress management. Proper nutritional counseling. Ergonomics and lifestyle modification. Dr Phsyio is one of the best physiotherapy centers in Jaipur that offers Antenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy. We have expert physiotherapists & are among top physiotherapy clinics in Jaipur.