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Back pain

Back pain

“The spice is the most delicate part of the human body as it contains spinal cord and spinal nerves within it, that are the extension of brain.” so the job of spine is to keep brain alert.The moment spine collapses, the brain collapses.

Here at Dr Physio with the help of NSDOC program and spinal restoration program we treat the patients with neck pain, back pain, slipped disc, arthropathy, lysthesis, lumbar & cervical radiculopathy pain or central & lateral canal diameter narrowing(stenosis).

This Program Comprises Of 4 Phases :-

  • 1. pain point evaluation & mechanical diagnosis.
  • 2. (Non Surgical) Decompression.
  • 3. Restoration.
  • 4. Prevention

In this program, Dr Physio, use the combination of exercises therapy and advance electrotherapy to treat patients. Other than this Dr Phsyio lays down the importance of ERGONOMICS along with a healthy lifestyle and a thoroughly guided home program. Thus preventing the re-occurrence of the pain. Do you have Back pain problem ? Avail result oriented Back Pain treatment in Jaipur. Find the best Back pain Treatment for Back Pain solution in Jaipur. Visit our center for more details on Back pain treatment.